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Aug 8, - In this article, we will explore the pros and cons of anal sex. Furthermore, I will provide some tips that will make you enjoy safe anal sex to the.

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Anal sex is sexy and thrilling but isn't for everybody, so knowing the pros and cons of anal sex is primary before two lovers decide to take the plunge. Oct 2, - These are the medical pros and cons. "From a medical standpoint, anal sex is safe if you take the usual safe-sex precautions, such as.

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Dec 18, - Anal sex with a female: Pros 1. femails cannot get pregnant in anal sex so males dont need to use a condom, and the female doesnt need to Which one is more enjoyable, anal sex or vaginal sex. Mar 25, - Ask any man about wanting to either try anal sex or if they have had anal sex with their partner and the overwhelming response will be yes.

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Mar 6, - Having anal sex can increase the risk of bacterial infection, and list the pros and cons of each to help you determine which will work best for. Sep 20, - me and my girlfriend are going to going to try having anal sex for the first time.. and she is not very convinced about how safe is anal sex? can.

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The peace of Jesus is a gift. We cannot obtain it through human means. The peace of Jesus is something else: the peace of Jesus teaches us to endure. May 6, - Eight out of ten men usually asks for anal sex and it's okay because there's nothing wrong with trying Here are the pros and cons of anal sex.

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Con's: * Can be uncomfortable or even painful, especially if he doesn't ease you into it After several months of getting used to regular anal play during sex do I. Nov 3, - Once a taboo, anal sex is now seen as an enjoyable addition to many sexual relationships. Watching porn as a couple: the pros and cons.