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Oct 8, - Causes of bleeding after sex with accompanying pain. Loss of virginity is a normal cause of pain and bleeding. The hymen, the thin membrane that partially covers the opening of the vagina, can bleed if it gets torn or stretched when you have penetrative sex for the first time.

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Does it hurt to lose your virginity? If pain and bleeding doesn't get better after the first time you have vaginal sex (penis-in-vagina), you can slowly stretch your. Having a broken hymen doesn't necessarily mean a woman has lost her virginity. If you're concerned about bleeding after sex, get advice from your GP or your.

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Apr 30, - It is normal for some women to bleed the first time they have vaginal intercourse but at the same time some women don't bleed at all, and that's. Jun 3, - It's normal for some women to bleed after having sexual intercourse for the first time. Bright red in color, the bleeding is caused by stretching of the hymen until it tears. Bleeding is significant (is heavier than the first couple of days of her period, is constant, and/or soaks through a tampon and a pad).

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Feb 19, - Lost my virginity on the 16th and I'm still bleeding. Its not heavy at all but its bright red and have a feeling it will proabbly last for a few more days. Nov 8, - Read on to discover FACTS about the hymen and virginity. Bleeding after intercourse was thought to be proof of an unbroken hymen, and thus, . "Losing your virginity" does not necessarily mean penis meeting a vagina.

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Is Common symptoms after losing virginity your major concern? Solve your problem I'm still bleeding and my vagina opening is stinging and hurting a little. Apr 25, - Not every vagina bleeds like a stab wound the first time you have sex. "Some women don't notice any bleeding at all, but it is true that some.

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Jan 26, - Bleeding after sex is common because so many things can cause it. The media depicts a woman losing her virginity as a bloody mess due to. Otherwise, unless you are having your period, bleeding during or shortly after sex is considered something to see your healthcare provider about. I know that.